OBC Tech Center, Inc.

Office Supplies (Ink, Paper, Toner, etc)
Used Books (For Sale or Trade)
Computer Sales and Repair
Web Page Design and Hosting
Internet Access
Security Cameras and Recorders
Income Tax Preparation, Payroll Services, since 1984
Faxing, Copying, UPS Shipping and More
Greg Nielsen is a Licensed Residential Builder and MSU Master Gardner
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OBC Tech Center
PO Box 26
135 N Michigan Ave
Shelby MI 49455
Ph. 231-861-6339
Fax 231-861-0575

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About Us:
OBC Tech Center, Inc. formed in January of 2000 out of the previous partnership of OBC when Greg Nielsen bought out former partner Michael Gilleo. The OBC partnership had formed in June of 1991 after the closure of Oceana Business Center, Inc.'s Whitehall location. Oceana Business Center, Inc. was originally started in June of 1986. When it was started it was located in a remodeled garage just north of Shelby where Greg had started his income tax preparation business in 1984. The original location is gone now, having been intentionally burnt to the ground in a fire department training exercise after it was vacant for several years. While the business has undergone several moves, name changes, and ownership types, the desire to assist people with computer products has not changed. We welcome the chance to assist you in whatever manner we can, and thank you for being given the opportunity.

Monday through Saturday: 12noon to 6pm   Closed Sundays and Holidays.
During Income Tax Season:  Other hours by chance or appointment.

We are monitoring our customers about our hours and will make changes if they are deemed helpful enough to enough people.  Let us know if other hours would work better for you.

Credit Cards:
We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Why all these different services? 
Glad you asked.  Office supplies started because they are an extension of the computer supplies business... and it's nice when you need a box of file folders that you don't have to drive 30 miles or place a $100 order to get free shipping... plus you have them now.  Used books started because of my families interest in books and love of used book stores.  Computers and their repair were once the main reason for our existence, but times change (and prices drop) so now it's more of a "helping people" kind of thing, I still find repairing systems challenging even after all these years.  Web Page Design is probably my most favorite past time, I love making web pages.  If I could find enough work to do it full time I probably would.  Internet access is self explanatory I think.  Security cameras come from my experience in theft... nothing worse then finding an empty bag on a hook where a product once was for sale.  Income Tax Prep was my first business venture and will probably be something I do until the day I die, like my grandfather Pete did.  Construction is something I did with my father and brother for many many years, I still enjoy taking on a project here and there... just not roofing in February or insulating an entire house in the middle of July.   Since the Lions haven't asked me to work for them, I look for things to do that I enjoy.  


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