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Computer Sales and Repair

Accessories, Supplies, Networking, Parts, and Consulting.

OBC has been selling and servicing computers since it's start in 1986.
That's over 20 years of experience in configuring, installation, networking, and repair.

We carry New, Used and Factory Refurbished Models.
Of course, the refurbished and used computers are stocked as they are available.  Please visit the store to see what is currently available.  

The new systems are built to our specifications in a factory in Ohio.  Delivery is usually in 7 business days.  We can create a system just for you, upgrade it a 3 year warranty, even add software of your choosing, give us a try.

We are affiliates of a number of other producers of computer products.
Take a look around this page, there is an ad present for each vendor we're an affiliate member of.  Here's one example of a great place to get software:

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Computer Running Slow?

This is probably the most common complaint from our customers.
It doesn't mean it's time to throw your computer away necessarily.  It does mean it's time to bring it in for a tune up.  Generally, viruses, spyware, adware, downloaders, hijackers, and other malware are responsible for 99% of all slow running computers.  They can be buried or hidden (trojan) or otherwise difficult to locate and remove.  At OBC a large number of products are used to remove these "bugs" at our expense so that you don't have to purchase hundreds of dollars of software to combat the problem.  Most repairs of this type are done for less then $100.

We have an hourly rate for service.
But we also have upfront pricing.  It doesn't do you much good to go to a place that charges half as much per hour if they take 3 times as long to fix it.  We can tell you it'll be between $48 and $96 before hand, or $112 and $135 or whatever.  The more information you can provide the more accurate we can be.  Bring in your tower (we don't need any cables) or your laptop (we will need the power pack for that) and plan to leave the unit for a few days.  We work on them in the order they come in and finish 2 or 3 a day... so we know about how long it'll take as well.  We even stock many parts to speed things up if parts are actually needed.


Free Information Here

Click on the blog here for post after post of helpful hints, tips, and other articles that'll help improve your computer knowledge.  

The Blog will be updated as time allows, but a serious attempt will be made to update it a couple times a month or more.  Please visit again soon to catch the newest updates.  You may also visit our home page and click the option to send us your email address for email updates.

Click Here for the OBC Computer Blog

By the way, if you haven't visited the rest of the site yet, you could be missing out.  For instance, the Links pages have hundreds of links to both local businesses and websites throughout the world that are useful, entertaining, or just plain odd.  The tax prep site has a "time to pay off" your credit card calculator.  The office supplies page can help you determine which ink you need for your printer.  Heck, the home page can even tell you which day of the week you were born on.  Look around... then come back again.  Thank you.








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