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We work with several internet companies to provide internet access in our area.

For dial up, we recommend CoreComm Dialup Internet Access.  They have local dial up numbers nationwide, but most importantly in the Shelby/Hart area.

For Cable, either Comcast or Charter (depending on the area you live in).

For DSL, nothing beats Verizon DSL (that we've experienced).

And if you are in the country and don't have access to the other options but still want high-speed internet, or if you are disposing of your land line and DSL, or perhaps getting rid of cable tv, then Hughes Satellite may be the answer for you.

Internet Access

Click on the pdf file for information on signing up for and/or setting up CoreComm Internet Access (formerly known as Voyager.net)

We have this information printed out and available for free on our counter at OBC in downtown Shelby.


"requires Adobe Acrobat Reader"

If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, please download your free version here.


or you can sign up on-line by clicking on the link below.

Further below you will find advertisements for Cable Internet, DSL Internet and Satellite Internet.  Feel free to research all your options.  If you have any questions please contact us.

Click here to learn more on Verizon Online DSL. 







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