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A.Cohens's Free Auto & Cycle Classified : Do you have a car or motorcycle you would like to sell? Well, this would be a great place to start. From these pages you may Place a Free Ad to sell a particular car, Search for a car matching your specifications, or even Edit an ad you may have already placed.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety : Dedicated to saving lives and preventing traffic crashes, the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety site contains lengthy reports on aggressive driving, crash reduction, and driving performance. Guests will also find educational material, sprinkled with quizzes, and sound clips.

Acura Homepage : The latest news on Acura cars. Scope out the next car that you want with a few clicks of the mouse button.

Ameritech Internet Pages Auto Guide : Buy, Sell, and find information about your vehicle or vehicles that you plan on purchasing.

Aquacar Internet Site : Find information about the amazing Aquacar.

Audi World Site : Step back into the past with us and watch how a company helped shape the history of the automobile.

Auto Memorobilia : The collectibles magazine for car lovers.

Auto Revista : Cruise into Auto Revista for the latest in car and truck reviews, pictures, and ideas!

Auto-By-Tel : Great site to help you find information about a vehicle or help you find a vehicle on line.

Car And Driver Online : Car And Driver's web page. Includes a lot of information about different vehicles, car shows, road tests, and much more.

CarBuyingTips.com : Free information about dealer scams, negotiating tips, determining dealer cost, buying & selling used cars, tons of other info.

Chevy Spot : "Jump to our Brands page to find out more about Chevy Cars, Trucks and Geos. You can also find the latest Chevy news and activities in our Cool and New sections. Welcome to the Uncommon Approach of Chrysler"

Classic Car Source : This site is devoted to classic and antique cars. It has a classified section, chat rooms, an online swap meet, a calendar of upcoming car shows, information on car clubs, and links to Web sites from parts vendors and restoration services.

Eagle Aeronautics : An aerospace engineering firm specializing in conceptual design, structural analyses, vehicle noise evaluation, and cost-effective management services for government and industry.

European Racing : European drag racing and other racing. The latest news about all those European race car drivers.

Florida Keys Trading Company : Engravable plastic key rings and license plates.. All sorts of interesting information.

Ford : Take a spin down Showroom Boulevard to see some of the newly released vehicles! Navigate Ford's Web Site with ease - check out the new Site Map... Click on new! and keep up to date.

GMC Home Page : Do you know which Car or Truck is Right for you? Come see GMC's commercial trucks or find your local GMC dealer.

Jaguar Cars : Home site of Jaguar Cars on the Internet.

Laguna Seca Raceway Official Web Site : The latest news about the Raceway, how to get to the raceway, buy tickets, make reservations, and more.

Mercedes Benz : Check out the quality of the Mercedes Benz.

Microsoft Carpoint : Research and buy your next car at Microsoft's automotive super site.

NAPA Auto Parts : Welcome to NAPA, the world's leading source of automotive parts, tools, and service.

Peugeot : Peugeot cars on the internet. Site to find the right Peugeot for you!

Toyota : Life on other planets? That seems to be the summer obsession. But what about life on Earth? We've got something for all forms right here, from terrestrial activity in our 4x4 vehicles (including the out-of-this-world RAV4), to space exploration inside our roomy new Sienna minivan, to a flying disc with an attitude.

Vintage Mustang Owner's Association : The club was originally dedicated to the restoration and preservation of only the 1965 and 1966 Mustangs, but now welcomes all Mustangs up to and including the current year.

Welcome to KIA Motors : Welcome to the world of Kia on the World Wide Web!

Welcome to the Saturn Web Site : Saturn Cars

Welcome to the Uncommon Approach of Chrysler : This is about Great Cars and Great Trucks and how we build them. It's about people and passion. Resources and resourcefulness. It's about us, and about you. Now go discover.

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Bank Rate Monitor : Features information on savings and loan interest rates for banks worldwide. Also offers articles with advice on selecting the right bank as well as banking news updates.

FastCompany : Online magazine focusing on business innovation, creativity and productive practices in the workplace.

FedEx : FedEx is the world's largest express transportation company, providing fast and reliable services for important documents, packages and freight. We deliver more than two million items to over 200 countries each business day. FedEx employs more than 110,000 people worldwide, and operates 500 aircraft and more than 35,000 vehicles in its integrated system.

Forbes.com : Forbes online digital tools. Stock market information and other investment/finance information.

Hoover's Online : Hoover's Online contains business news and a directory of corporate Web sites and company profiles for many U.S. companies. Subscribers receive access to additional information, including financial histories. Also offers information on IPOs.

LinkExchange : LinkExchange(TM) is the web's largest advertising network. With unparalleled size and reach, LinkExchange is a great way to promote your site and get your message out to the online community.

Microsoft Investor : Microsoft Investor is the best place on the web to track your investments, follow the market, and do the research necessary to make informed investment decisions.

NAFTAnet : Your one stop resource for small businesses. Information on how to do just about anything with your business.

SmartClicks : Free banner site! Make a banner and advertise your internet site on other internet sites.

Stockpoint Web Site : A place to check on the latest stock prices. Make your own portfolio and customize it to the way YOU want it.

The Wall Street Journal (Interactive) : The Wall Street Journal interactive and onLine...

United States Postal Service : We are the United States Postal Service. Our goal is to evolve into a premier provider of 21st-century postal communications by providing postal products and services of such quality that they will be recognized as the best value in America.

UPS : We'll deliver your package ASAP unless, of course, that's too soon. UPS, track your packages, find out postal rates, and many useful utilities.

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A Virtual Road Trip! : Take a window seat on our bus and watch the miles fly by as we take you day by day on road trips across America. With six trips already under our belt and over 25,000 miles clocked on the odometer, there's lots more to come.

Ask Jeeves : Ask Jeeves(tm) is the fastest and easiest way to find answers to questions. Ask Jeeves allows you to ask a question in plain English and, after interacting with you to confirm the question, Ask Jeeves takes you to one and only one web site that answers your question.

Awesome Cyber Cards : Make an awesome cyber greeting card in seconds. Greeting cards for holidays or any occasion. It's fast, easy and fun. Free delivery -via- World Wide Web

Bingo Zone : Here you can play bingo ON-LINE! Win REAL CASH! New game every 15 minutes.

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards : For over a quarter century, Blue Mountain Arts has been helping the world communicate honest and sincere feelings by blending poetry and art to create fine all-occasion notecards, books, and related products.

Computer Research Repository : The Association for Computer Machinery, the Los Alamos e-Print archive, and the Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library contribute to a searchable collection of over 20,000 computer science research reports.

Contest Guide : Great list of sweepstakes on the internet.

Contest Page : The best little contest/sweepstakes page in Nebraska!

Cyberspace Station 10 : WELCOME to CYBERSPACE STATION 10.........and thank you for choosing us as your cyberspace traveling media. CYBERSPACE STATION 10 is a web site that provides shortcut to it's visitors, it contains a bunch of hyperlinks, which I hope will take you to the "Place" that you want to go. Please relax and enjoy your trip.

Disability Net : A pen pal service for people with handicaps all over the world.

DriversHQ : Complete list of the most updated drivers for any type of hardware you have.

Electronic Postcards: On the Net 2000 Links : The most complete list of Electronic Post Card sites on the web. Also contains numerous other links that may be helpful to you as well.

F R E E B I E ' S : This site has lots of things like free stuff, lottery tickets and links to contest, freebie sites and more.

Free Computer Help! : This site is filled with all the answers that you can possibly need for computers..... and it's FREE.

Free Stuff : Contains lists of different places on the internet where you can get free stuff.

I Luv You : The 1-Step FREE Personalized Internet Webcard Site

Igames Multiplayer Game Communities : Chat, games, & all that other good stuff.

Internet Card Central : Welcome to Internet Card Central, your source for free virtual postcards and greeting cards!

Internet Start : Your starting point for accessing, understanding, and personalizing the Internet's vast resources.

Just 4 Fun : Numerous links to a variety of just 4 fun sites.

LeisureDome : Games Arcades - Cash Prizes - Chat Rooms Community Activities - No Downloads Free to Play

LookSmart : LookSmart is the fast, easy, and fun way to find what you want on the web.

Media Metrix : Get listings of the Web's most-visited pages from this statistical service. Rankings are updated on a monthly basis.

Michigan Lottery Results : Michigan Lottery Results for the last few years and up to date ones. Posted at the most two hours after drawing.

mIRC : Before we can introduce you to the exciting world of IRC and mIRC, you have to go to our nearest place on the Web... Where do you live ? To learn more about mIRC check out our tips & training page.

NetRadio : NetRadio Network, an Internet content provider, developed and operates the world's first live, 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week, Internet-only, radio network. NetRadio's mission is to enhance the users' Internet experience by providing customized original content.

Networds : Networds are the fastest, most convenient way to surf the Net. Now, you can create your own Networds to take you to your favorite places on the Internet. Use Networds instead of searching through a stack of bookmarks, or trying to remember complicated URLs. Best of all, you may create and share your Netword with everyone at no charge.

Online Gaming Library : Online Gaming Library (OGL) is a small gaming site dedicated online-only games. We try to focus more on games mostly or only played on the internet, but we also list several games with exceptional Internet play options.

Pagoo Call Catcher : Pagoo will take your phone calls while you are online and people can leave you messages.

PC World Online: FileWorld : PC World Online's library of shareware, freeware, and demoware.

Planet Quake : Up to the minute information on the latest developments of id software, the creators of the best game in the world.

PoliceScanner.Com : Listen to Real Police and Fire scanners through (Real Audio).

RealAudio : RealAudio plug-ins for your browser to get the most out of the internet.

RTR Sweepstakes Newsletter : RTR Sweepstakes, contests and scratch off tickets.

Search and Find Anything! : Specialized search engines arranged into sections make research a snap.

Sierra On-Line, Inc. : Sierra On-Line - The popular interactive game creator.

Sweepstakes Online : The Premier Sweepstakes and Contest Information Service.

Sweepstakes Online Source Guide Page : Different ways to "beat" the odds in casino games, online games, contests, and other different gambling things.

The Electronic Newsstand : The latest news articles at the tip of your fingers. All on the internet and all for you.

The Station : This is the home of the *Official* Babylon 5 fan club.

The Station@sony.com : Play Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Music, and much much more! {Great Site}

Toys.com : Toys is the most convenient toy store in the world! Buy all your christmas presents right over the internet and have them shipped to your door.

Virtual Arcade 1.0 : Virtual Arcade and game room ON-LINE. Add games, rate things, and more.

Virtual Computer Library : A large informative site about computers and computing.

Virtual Pet Farm : We have categorized the virtual pets into 3 groups: Keychain Virtual Pets, Computer Virtual Pets, and Physical Virtual Pets.

Volition : Neat Contest and other Free Stuff.

WABY : Live Internet Only Radio station. Offering music from many artists and real announcers!

Welcome to PlayGround home of BLAST, Ractor and other Netertainment magic. : PlayGround

Windows Annoyances : Information on how to tune up and tune into Windows 95 hidden secrets.

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A+ Tips for Teachers : Teachers, start your day with a formula for success. A+ Tips for Teachers offers a teaching tip and daily facts by e-mail. The daily facts are used by teachers to set an academic tone and to provide enrichment.

All Dictionaries : Access this free directory to over 100 dictionaries. Shares standard, rhyming, foreign language, symbol, and other dictionaries.

Animal Network : Information about any and every pet that you would want or already have. Discussion groups and late breaking news all the time.

Aquarium.Net Cybermagazine : Welcome to Aquarium Net, the first electronic aquarium publication. Looking for in-depth aquarium information or help from experienced professionals, then visit us!

Ask Dr. Weil : Great site where you can ask Dr. Weil a medical question and he will answer it.

Better Health : Searchable database of articles, message boards, and forums by topic.

Bill Nye the Science Guy's Webpage! : Great educational science site.... Information on cool science projects, and information on news that is out of this world.

Chemistry Teaching Resources : This is an attempt to present a comprehensive list of chemistry teaching resources on the Internet.

Cliffs : Study guides to understanding, to information, to the stuff you need.....

Dave's Math Tables : Messageboards, Chatboards, and Whiteboards.. Theorems, Tables, Identities, Proofs, and Graphs. All For Free and all to help you!

El Nino Theme Page : News on possible disruptions of the Pacific Ocean atmosphere system.

Encarta Online : Microsoft's Encarta Concise Encyclopedia is available at this site. The encyclopedia is available in several languages and includes over 16,000 articles. Lesson plans featuring Encarta content and other teaching resources are also provided.

FamilyEducation Network : Everything you need to know as a parent or educator regarding all levels of education.

Geography World : Contains a variety of geography links and geography games.

GLACIER : Study the depths of Antarctica! Pictures of glaciers, check out the weather, and other misc. stuff.

Gnet : Find some information on the internet. Good souce for info.

GovBot : Search U.S. government agencies and departments, statistics, and documents

Healthfinder : Quick and easy way to get information, from the U.S. government.

Home Page of VolcanoWorld : Learn anything that you want to know about volcanos OnLine! Where they are located, if they are erupting, and much much more!

How Stuff Works : Great web page that posts a different object on it's web site from time to time and tells you what it is and how it works.

Human Anatomy : Welcome to Human Anatomy On-line the place for fun, interactive and educational views of the human body. This program contains over one hundred illustrations of the human body with animations and thousands of descriptive links.

Media History Project Timeline Pages : Contains a timeline from prehistoric times to recent times.

Medicine Box : Medical reference for both humans and animals

Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board : Welcome to the MAAB Homepage. Currently there are over 500 Michigan asparagus growers, producing more than 25 million pounds of asparagus each year.

Michigan Prescription Drug Price Guide: Compare prices of your prescription drugs around the area.

Michigan Works : The largest Internet-based public resume system in the nation.

National Caves Association : National Caves Association official web page. Look in the caves & caverns directory, or just browse.

On-Line English Grammar : On-Line English grammar resource. Many things to do and a good way to improve grammar.

Parents involved in Education : Here are people who dare to meddle in the education of their children

PhysLINK - The Ultimate Physics Resource : We introduce physics, science and pursuit for knowledge as an interdisciplinary effort.

Plimoth Plantation : Plimoth Plantation sites include the 1627 Pilgrim Village, Hobbamock's Homesite, the Carriage House Crafts Center, the Nye Barn, the "Irreconcilible Differences" Exhibit and the Mayflower II.

Princeton Review : Princeton Review on-line. Check to see if your are prepared for college... Take practice tests, find useful information, and much more.

RING! OnLine ..... : Michigan's Internet SuperStation! Your Source for Michigan Information.

School.Net : A web full of educational information, links to schools, Internet help, and more--perfect for teachers, students, and parents.

Sea & Sky : J.D. Knight's personal Web page celebrates the sea and the sky. Contents include many color pictures of sea life, a solar system tour, games and links to astronomy and marine sites.

SpecialEd Solutions : SpecialEd Solutions, Inc. d/b/a Weatherby Industries: "Special Products For Special Children." We supply the Noisy Box (sensory stimulation room) and Noisy Board (resonance board) to teachers/educators for use with children who are blind or have visual and/or multiple impairments. We offer high quality educational equipment for special education programs with little room for budgetary waste.

Teachme Home Page : Our company and mission is to provide our customers with the best educational products available for both children and adult users.

The Noise Control Center : Ear advisors ask, How much noise is too much noise? .... Find out.

The Scout Report for Science & Engineering : The target audience of the new Scout Report for Science & Engineering is faculty, students, staff, and librarians in the life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering.

This Day in History : Shows what happened "This Day" in History. Brought to you by the archives of the History Channel.

Thunder Lizards : All dinosaurs from Science to Fiction

U.S. Department of Education : Student Aid, School Codes, and everything else about the educational process of today.

UnderWire : Women take a spirited look at society, politics, fitness, relationships.

Vox Pop : Vox Pop was created to give more people a voice in government. There are links to governmental and political sites, e-forms for writing political figures, a service that gives browsers the names and addresses of their representatives and more.

Voyage into Archaeology : Voyage into Archaeology Hey, welcome to the archaeology web site. Please explore and tell us what you think. We're still working on some of these pages so don't be surprised if you run into a few dead ends.

World History Association : History on web. Hosted by Woodrow Wilson Leadership Program for Teachers.

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Asha's E-mail Humor Archive : Some are funny, some are sad and some are really strange.

B.S.T. Bunny Testing : The purpose is to determine specific weaknesses and/or strengths possessed by "Marshmallow Bunnies".

Comics Channel Splash! : Welcome to the The Comics Channel, the virtual home to your favorite funnies, sent directly to your computer's desktop.

Dumb Laws : This web site has the listing of some of the stupid laws that each state has.

Fly Power : Who says that ordinary house flies are good for nothing. Use them to power your own fleet of miniature planes

funnies.com : Welcome to funnies.com, the largest collection of humor available anywhere. Click on a category button to the right and left of this text to explore that category, or follow the links below.

Haunted Houses in the US and CANADA : Welcome to the most complete InterNet listing of Haunted Houses in the United States and Canada. Each Haunted Attraction is listed by country, state (or province) and city.

Humor Tadela : Not in English, but still an interesting site to visit.

In The News : Insane Newz the way you like it. (Humor)

LaughNet : Want to have some laughs? Well here is the best place to have them! Great jokes and humor!

Rodney Dangerfield : It's time for a laugh break and I'll tell ya a Joke Of The Day! To get the mood rolling, turn off the lights and download a Video Clip. If your life is as rough as mine, enter yourself in the No Respect Contest. If you think you've got troubles, It's Not Easy Bein' Me so check out Rodney Done Wrong. Give the ol' Ball and Chain a new place to shop at the Market Place.

RubberChicken : ... where "laughter is the shortest distance between two people."

Screen Mate Poo : This page is about a little sheep screen mate that will run around your screen.

The Bureau of Missing Socks : Welcome to SwineOnline! Enter our virtual pig raising competition. Compete against other farmers for Microsoft Prize packages.

The Jokes Barn : This page is your one stop place for all of your laughing needs. Here you will find a joke of the day, a free jokes newsletter, a large jokes archive, and other new and exciting things! Visit daily to see the new joke each day.

The Rogue Market : Play market game of buying and selling celebraties and personalities.

The Wit and Wisdom of Jeff Foxworthy : Welcome to the newly renovated Unofficial Jeff Foxworthy Internet Fan Page! This is the only page where you'll find all you ever wanted to know about the Great Hick.

Toad's Calvin & Hobbes Page : Links to Calvin & Hobbes pages all over the internet.

Welcome to SwineOnline! : The Bureau of Missing Socks is the first organization solely devoted to solving the question of what happens to missing single socks. It explores all aspects of the phenomena including the occult, conspiracy theories, and extra-terrestrials.

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Kids Stuff
ABC Toon Center : The Toon Center site original children's stories, cartoons, games, puzzles and rhymes.

Burger King : Burger King. You know... The fast food restaurant!

Cartoon Factory : Welcome to the Cartoon Factory! ...the online marketplace for cartoonists. This is where cartoonists can display their skills and publishers and webmasters can find cartoonists for their projects. It's also a place where people can enjoy reading some of the best cartoons on the internet.

Crayola : Crayola the Crayon, Marker, Chalk, Pencil, and other misc. school supplies maker.

Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page : Hi, I'm NEWSCHANNEL 19's, Chief Meteorologist Dan Satterfield. WELCOME to my WILD WILD WEATHER PAGE. I've put these pages together for Kids between 6 and 16 years old and for their Parents and Teachers, too!

Disney.com Home Page : Have you been a Disney fan your whole life, or just a part of your life? Well, you can meet all those lovable characters at Disney.com.

Dogpatch Doghouse : A comprehensive guide to canine agility and obedience, veterinary, show, activity, magazine and breeder sites.

Furby : It's that little fuzzy talking thing... Furby!

Garfield : Visit that 'Cool Cat' Garfield at his very own web site. Play some of his games or read some of his comics.

Kids & Computers : This is a big site, with lots of interactive things to do.

Kids Space : This page is rated G. updated daily This is the International Kids' Space. Please wait until you see the Jump Menu! Kids' Space is everybody's home page! You can show your Paintings, write your Stories, share your Music, and make new Friends.

Kids Stuff : Welcome to my Kids Stuff page! This site contains games, activities, links, and other educational activities just for kids on the internet.

Max's Kids Fun Page : Many useful activities to enhance your childs Internet experience.

Sesame Street : "Guy Smiley here, America's favorite web-site host welcoming you to CTW Online. There are all sorts of wonderful things to do and learn about, so let's take a look around."

Teen Hoopla : An Internet guide for teens. Links to sites on topics such as teen magazines, homework help, music, art, comics, sports and library services.

The Magic School Bus : Scholastic's The Magic School Bus®, based on the award-winning book series by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen, features a wacky science teacher named Ms. Frizzle who takes her class of enthusiastic, inquisitive students and playful sidekick, Liz, the lizard, on educational field trips in her magically transformable bus.

The White House for Kids : Find interesting information on the White House, previous kids in the White House, write the President, Vice-President, First Lady, or Mrs. Gore!

Welcome to Knowledge Adventure : Knowledge Adventure is a site that includes games, an encyclpedia, educational activities for toddlers, preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first through fourth graders.

Welcome to Mootown : Mootown snacks home page. Activities to entertain kids.

Winnie the Pooh : This page is dedicated to the wonderful stories found in the books, Winnie-The-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner, written by A. A. Milne and illustrated by E. H. Shepard. These books were first published in the 1920s, and star the familiar characters of Piglet, Owl, Rabbit, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Eeyore, Christopher Robin, and Edward Bear, commonly known as Winnie-the-Pooh.

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An Internet Tutorial : Introduction and training to the Internet. Many useful facts.

Barnes & Noble : Barnes and Noble bookstore's official Web site features reviews, chats, and related services. Visitors to this site can search from over a million titles, peruse a list of bestsellers, read book reviews and interviews with authors and buy books.

Book Stacks : BOOK STACKS UNLIMITED, INC. ~ ~ ~ Your local bookstore ~ no matter where you live! Online since 1992, Book Stacks offers over 500,000 titles -- most discounted by 20% - 40%! Plus our reader's community includes author info, new releases, and book forums.

BookWeb: BookWeb Home Page : The American Booksellers Association web site. You ever think about writing a book? Here is a good site to look at.

Del Rey Books (Science Fiction and Fantasy) : A site consisting of Science Fiction and Fantasy Articles.

Dragon Soup: Webzine Sci Fi, Fantasy, etc.. : Enter writing contests and read articles others have written. If you have ever wondered about anything, there is an explanation here.

Enter The Station : More Sci-Fi entertainment on-line.

Fantastic Art : Fantastic Art is the OFFICIAL WEBSITE featuring Randal Spangler's artwork, books, related products and art show schedule.

Farmer's Exchange : Farm classifieds, agriculture news, and many more activities all to do with farming.

Handwriting and You : Handwriting can reveal many things about the people in your life -- from passing acquaintances to your most intimate relationships. Your own handwriting, too, may hold important keys to understanding more about yourself.

How Our Laws Are Made : This handbook is intended to provide a readable and nontechnical outline of the background and the numerous steps of our Federal lawmaking process from the origin of an idea for a legislative proposal through its publication as a statute. This is a matter about which every citizen should be well informed so as to be able to understand the everyday news reports and discussions concerning the work of Congress.

Individual Investor Online : Information on investments, stocks, and other money holders on the internet.

Internet Public Library : Links to thousands of online resources, including electronic texts and online serials. Also features special exhibits on topics such as African-American history and dinosaurs.

Library of Education : Our aim for this award-winning web site, which is hosted by our National Library of Education (NLE), is to provide you with information about the offices and programs of the U.S. Department of Education (ED), education initiatives of the President and the Secretary, the full text of ED reports and publications, links to organizations we support, and more.

Luminarium : Medieval, Renaissance, and 17th Century literature.

Microsoft Expedia : EVER GET THE URGE to do some desktop daydreaming about diving deep in Caribbean waters, taking in the London theater scene, or exploring Australia's outback?

Movie Reviews.com : The site to visit for the latest and greatest reviews & movie news

National Academy Press : Welcome to the National Academy Press. We are the publishers for the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council. Through this web site, you have access to a virtual treasure trove of books, reports, and publications that deal with what new in the world of technology, science, and health.

National Geographic : National Geographic online. Articles on current projects and stories that are featured in their magazine.

National Institute of Health : National Institute of Health and services provides great reference to the your health and well-being.

PC World : Latest information on the newest technology in the computer field.

PW Online Edition : Publishers Weekly Online Edition provides information about book publishing and bookselling industry. The site provides news, reviews, articles and best-seller lists. There is also a classifieds section.

Random House Inc. : Random House has a strong tradition of publishing quality books for a broad range of consumer interests.

Red Storm Entertainment : Home page of author Tom Clancy.

Researchpaper.com : Welcome to Researchpaper.com - the Web's largest collection of topics, ideas, and assistance for school related research projects. The Internet is a tremendous resource. We'll show you how to make the most of your time online. Find the best information available, eliminate frustration, and get better grades.......with Researchpaper.com!

Scholastic : For 75 years Scholastic Inc. has been providing children's books and other materials relating to reading and technology. Its site contains classroom activities, teacher tips, subscription information for its magazines, descriptions of its books and more.

Slate : Slate is the online magazine of news, politics and culture edited by Michael Kinsley, that provides readers with a smart take on the week's news, politics and culture

Superlibrary : Super books and Super Prices online!

Tell Me A Story : This page contains links to some stories and poems. They are unique since they include click-able words.Each link will take you to a site related to the word or phrase that you clicked on.

The Book Buffet : It is the goal of the collective energy behind "The Book Buffet" to expose the general public to reviews of books that may, at times, be overlooked due to lack of marketing, odd subjects, unknown authors or saturation of the market.

The Federal Web Locater : The Federal Web Locator is a service provided by the Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy and is intended to be the one stop shopping point for federal government information on the World Wide Web.

The Library of Congress : Documents, photographs, movies, and sound recordings that tell America's story.

The Library of Michigan : Welcome to the Library of Michigan. Our mission is to promote, advocate, and consistently work to achieve the highest level of library service to our clients.

The On-Line Books Page : Books on-line, books banned, and other misc. book information.

The Outer Planet : The Outer Planet's mission is to provide links and minor content of a financial nature which might be of interest to the reader. It is my hope that this site will continue to improve over time so that it will provide a valuable source of information to those who choose to surf the Planet's wave.

The Positive Press: Good News Every Day : The Positive Press is produced by the Athens Institute, with the help of advertisers, sponsors, and contributors like you. Together, we have proudly become the most widely recognized and reviewed source of hope and inspiration on the Internet.

Time : Time Magazine for Kids on the Internet. Check out the latest stories and find useful information.

US Dept. Health & Human Services : US Dept. Health & Human Services

Worldwide Books : Encompassing more than 35,000 titles on art, architecture and photography systematically selected by Worldwide Books over the past three decades for our library clients, this searchable database and online ordering system.

Write Page : The Write Page is a directory of authors arranged by fiction genre. It includes biographical information, book excerpts and dates for upcoming releases. It also offers a newsletter featuring general information for beginning writers.

WWW Virtual Library : The internet's virtual library. Anything and everything you need to know probably can be found here.

WWWebster Dictionary On-Line : WWWebster Dictionary, the World Wide Web edition of Merriam-Webster's Collegiater Dictionary, Tenth Edition

Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource : Poetry, fiction, book reviews, news, guidelines for writers, details on published writers, a site search engine, contests and an archive of previous issues are featured in this quarterly e-zine.

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007.com : A site that is still under progress, but has some interesting graphics for all you James Bond fans.

Ace Hardware Online : For three quarters of a century, the helpful hardware folks have been serving the needs of consumers

Advanced Ceiling Systems : Advanced Ceiling Tile Systems introduces the newly patented Trackless Drop Ceiling System. This unique design offers a simple easy to install ceiling tile and eliminates the visible grid system used on conventional systems.

AIM DocFinder : This site contains over 450,000 licensed medical professionals!

answers.com : answers.com is a unique information service that delivers responsive, direct answers to questions regarding personal interest, work, or formal study. When your time is too valuable for unfocused search results, use answers.com to find that specific answer to your question. In most cases, our Answer Advisors will be able to provide a citation from a text reference or from an Internet site.

Antiques Roadshow : Information on this PBS television series, including stories of appraisals made during the roadshow across many cities.

Ask The Builder : The information at this site should be of use to you no matter how you are plugged into your next building or remodeling project. Homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, contractors all can obtain information right here that should make your next construction experience a pleasant one!

Atlantic Records : One of the music industries' largest recording companies.

Bumble Bee Tuna : Bumble Bee Tuna - A healthy seafood snack. Kids! Come on into our Game Zone and enter our coloring contests, try out our fun tuna fish recipes and read all about Keiko the Whale!

Cajun Brew Home Page : Home of the Ragin' Cajun Recipe Pages.

Campbell's : Everybody's favorite Campbell's Soup products. Check this site out for recipes and miscellaneous activities.

Christiane's Collection of Cooking Recipes : Apart from making scientific studies, every chemist or physicist in our Institut likes good drinking (Did you know that alcohol is good for preverting radiation sickness?) and eating. Because some of us are hobby cooks we have collected our recipes. These recipes are not expensive and don't make too much work.

CNET.COM : Tips and tricks on the internet. Information on the latest releases of software and more.

Colgate : Make sure that you are clean and fresh on the internet... You might meet someone in a chat room.

Diet.Com : Weight loss page...

Duracell : Nothing powers your life like a Duracell... You know, the battery…

FitnessLink : Welcome to FitnessLink, the Health and Fitness Source! Whether you're an exercise enthusiast, a fitness professional, or a "newbie" to fitness, FitnessLink provides the resources you need to get fit and stay fit!

Found Money Homepage : Audience members at the Oprah Winfrey Show found over $100,000 dollars! Thousands of visitors to our web site have already found millions of dollars, using our search engine. Could you be next?

Friendship Brigade : The Friendship Brigade is an inter-racial and intercultural organization designed to promote friendship and harmony across the world.

Gear Finder : A guide to the best gear for hiking, camping, and outdoor adventures.

General Electric : General Electric's Home Page. Information on their "latest" advancements and other general services.

Got Milk? : Do you have milk? Check this site out to get merchandise and other milk things!

Hallmark - Shoebox Greetings : If you're trying to buy shoes online, you've come to the wrong site. But stick around, because Shoebox (A tiny little division of Hallmark) is in the business of being funny. We make greeting cards, funny cartoons, funny gifts, and now this funny Web site. Is this a great job, or what? Best of all, Shoebox Online is free.

Hollywood Online : A web site full of streaming media and other information about Hollywood stars and their movies/music.

The JavaScript Source is an excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your Web pages. All for free!

LandscapeWeb.Com : LandscapeWeb is dedicated to landscape associations, landscape design software, landscape professionals, for the benefit of the landscape industry and consumers in need of information.

Little Debbie Snacks : Dedicated to snack fans everywhere, this site is loaded with facts, fun, and information.

Madcow Disease Conspiracy Awareness Site : Find out how to tell if your cows have gone MAD!

Maytag : Just what everyone loves to look at... Check out the latest appliances and goodies that Maytag has come up with.

Meow Mix : Treat your cat to Meow Mix! Interesting site for your pet and you.

Microsoft HomeAdvisor : Find homes and loans online with this complete home buying guide.

Mommy Times : The Mom To Mom Support Community On The Web. Dedicated to preserving the sanity of moms everywhere.

NAYA : Just give me the NAYA.....

NII Awards : Sponsored by more than 60 industry, government and community leaders, the National Information Infrastructure (NII) Awards recognizes and honors superior accomplishment in applications of the Internet and information highway. The Awards program seeks out, celebrates and showcases those projects that show the world the power and potential of networked, interactive communications.

Pitsco's Ask an Expert : A unique site where you can ask an expert a question by E-Mail and the expert will answer you.

Pure Bred Puppynet : The prime Web Site for the Pure-Bred Dog Enthusiast. We offer Top Show Exibitors and breeders a forum to find buyers of top quality pets.

Purina Pet Care Center : Welcome to the Purina Pet Care Center on the World Wide Web. We're constantly updating our site with new articles on pet care, training, nutrition, and new additions to our fun & games section. So, whether you're searching for the perfect dog, curious about your cat's horoscope, or interested in trying our Pet Food Selector, you'll find it in Purina.com.

Pyrotechnics : The word pyrotechnics refers to the art, craft and science of fireworks. As such, it is related to a variety of arts and sciences - as an underdeveloped art, it is nevertheless comparable to many other human arts, such as music, theatre and film; as a science, it attempts to understand and quantify the chemical and physical phenomena that characterise pyrotechnic reactions.

REMC4 District : Click on the school you want to go to.

Remington Country : The Online home of the two leading brands in hunting and fishing.

Rubberduckie.Com : A big hot air bloon that is shaped like a rubber duck that flies from place to place.

Scary Games : Two cool games with that scary touch. Go through the Caverns of Blood or the Castle Quest.

Sears Portrait Studio : Costumes, an interactive pumpkin patch, and other fun things.

Some People are Idiots! : Stories of people who do stupid things at stupid times.

The End : We are pleased that you are here. The End is a commercial and music video production company that creates cutting- edge/award-winning film. This site was designed to give you a taste of what's at THE END.

The Horror Shop : On-line shopping for scary stuff!

The Official Sammy Hagar Web Site : The Official Sammy Hagar Web Site....

The Vatican : The Vatican on-line up close and personal.... You can even E-Mail the Pope!

The Worldwide Holiday and Festival Site : Have you ever travelled, perhaps on business, only to find on arrival that your customers are all on holiday or that instead of five days work, you will, due to National day or religious celebrations, get only two?

Tower Hobbies : Tower Hobbies was founded in 1971 to provide modelers with the best radio-control (R/C) products at the lowest possible prices. Thanks to our customers, Tower has grown to be the largest and finest R/C supplier in the world.

TUMS : Frequently Asked Questions about TUMS. Information on what they are and what's in them.

Ty : The Official home of the Beanie Babies

U.S. Census Bureau : Information about the U.S. Census Bureau....

U.S. Department of Treasury : Information about the U.S. Department of Treasury.

United States Air Force : Our Web- Site is dedicated to the thousands of great men and women of the United States Air Force: past, present, future.

US Army : The US Army.

US Marines : US Marines

US Navy : US Navy

Welcome to Astrology.Net : Thousands of people visit the AstroZine (tm) every week. It's the premier online Astrology magazine. You'll find regularly updated contributions from leading astrologers from around the world, a comprehensive resource guide, and you can add your name to the Birthday Book.

Welcome to GKC Theatres Star Web (Ludington) : Find out what's playing and what time it is playing.

Welcome to SeniorNet! : Bringing wisdom to the information age. Find out some useful information on medicines and other stuff for those in their "Golden Years"

Womens DOE Transportation Technologies : Womens Issues Online.

Womens Wire : This site is a gateway to information concerning Transportation and Energy use in the US. It is sponsored by the DOE Office of Transportation Technologies (OTT), in the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office of the Department of Energy, an agency of the US Government. This site is your one-stop shop for transportation technology information.

Your New House : Welcome to "Your New House." If you are looking for tips on buying, building, or remodeling a home, you are at the right place. "Your New House.com" is your source for over 300 helpful home tips at "About the House."

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Which 2008 Presidential Candidate Agrees With You?

find out about cell phone carriers / towers in your area

Find the best price on gasoline in your area  

Find the cost of drugs near you  

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Aeronautics and Space Transportation Technology : Latest information on Aeronautics and Space Transportation Technology.

Ambit NASA LIVE Cams And Mission Displays : All the NASA Live Cams on the internet.…

Cassini : Details on the voyage to Saturn or otherwise known as 'Cassini'.

Challenger Center for Space Science Education : Tune in to Challenger Center educational space programs and let us do the work for you, bringing you the hottest space news, information, and educational activities. No need for endless searches, we're committed to staying on top of what's happening in the space community and taking you to where the action is and to the best resources for educational activities.

Comet Observation Home Page : Complete comet watching and star maps. Observe different comets and misc. other space things.

CSL's Favorite Space Links : Site with hundreds of space oriented links. Updated constantly.

Galileo home Page (JPL) : Welcome to the Project Galileo Home Page. Check out our extensive collection of just-released images and data from Jupiter, read a brief introduction to the mission, and join the excitement as we take you through Galileo's exploration of our solar system's largest planet.

Home of the NEAR Mission : The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) mission is the first launch in the Discovery Program, a NASA initiative for small planetary missions with a maximum 3-year development cycle and a cost capped at $150 million for construction, launch, and 30 days of operation. The NEAR mission is managed for NASA by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory , Laurel, Maryland

inQuiry Almanack - Spotlighting : A list of sites about mars. Contains educational sites and experiments on the internet and much more.

International Space Station : Site about the Space Stations that NASA is and ahs worked on.

Introduction to Windows to the Universe : Welcome to our newest release of Windows to the Universe! Our purpose is to develop a fun and different Web site about the Earth and Space sciences.

Johnson Space Center : Please let us help you find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Mars Pathfinder - Welcome to Mars! : There once was a mission to Mars That fell with a bounce from the stars To study the mystery of life's early history Preserved in the rocks & sand bars.

NASA : "This is a good place to begin your journey. If you've read about NASA recently or seen something on TV, this is place to go for links to more details about breaking news."

NASA Image eXchange (NIX) : The NASA Image eXchange (NIX) is a web-based search engine for simultaneously searching one or more of NASA's online image and photo collections.

NASA Shuttle Web : Watch live videos of the shuttles. Replay the landings and replay the take offs.

NASA Shuttle-Mir Web: Press Briefing : Press briefing on September 25 about the STS-6 Mission to the Mir going forward.

NASA Spacelink : NASA Spacelink, an electronic resource specifically developed for use by the educational community, has been redesigned to make it more effective for teachers and students. Spacelink now features text and graphical interfaces, a powerful new search engine, improved navigation capabilities, and other enhancements tht deliver information more efficiently.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration : NOAA's mission is to describe and predict changes in the Earth's environment and to conserve and manage wisely the Nation's coastal and marine resources.

Near Live Comet Watching System : This system was designed to allow individuals on the Web to view very recently uploaded images of comets.

Penny Orell's Astronomy Page : Hello fellow stargazers! The basis of this web page is to show you some pics and dispense a little information about my favorite hobby- The Night Sky. Although I use my optical equipment by day for birding, I have to admit that astronomy has always interested me. (As does anything space-related!) To me, it's the "ultimate hobby".

SOHO : Information on the solar and heliospheric obcservatory.

Space Explorers : Bringing the challenges and discoveries of an active space mission to students and the general public is the vision of Space Explorers, Inc., a privately-funded educational company working with the federal government, industry and academia.

Spaceship.com : Great site about space ships. Links and much more.

ST Scl Press Releases : Space Telesope Science Institute releases of things in space.

The Current State of the Tropical Pacific : What is going on in the Tropical Pacific? Information on El Niño and other weather and earthly things.

The Planetary Society : Mars Pathfinder has successfully completed its amazing mission. Mars Global Surveyor is orbiting its target planet. The Cassini mission has begun its historic seven-year flight to Saturn. And soon -- with missions like the Near-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous and Mars Surveyor '98 -- we will launch into a new year of planetary discovery. The Planetary Society is your connection to bold explorations of the cosmos such as these -- and the search for extraterrestrial life and intelligence. With publications, space-related gifts, and exciting events like Planetfest, the Planetary Society makes you a part of humankind's greatest adventure.

The SDDAS Home Page : The Southwest Data Display and Analysis System (SDDAS) is a set of X-window applications to display data from multiple data sources in ways useful to those doing space physics research.

Today@nasa.gov : "NASA is deeply committed to spreading the unique knowledge that flows from its aeronautics and space research...."

United Space Alliance : Contractor of all of NASA's contracts. This site ocntains information on many of NASA's current and future projects.

ZineZone: Sciences Zone : News from the Earth and sky, and more 'ologies' than you can shake a stick at!

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Adventure Sports and Outdoors Directory : The Ultimate Information Source for the top Outfitters, Guides, Outdoor Schools, Adventure Tour Operators and More!

AquaLink : AquaLink is a resource devoted to home aquariums. It includes catalogs containing information about thousands of species of freshwater fish, marine fish and aquatic plants. Users can also post questions to experts or order supplies online.

AugustaGolf : Multimedia views from the tournament, interviews with players and statistics sortable by score or player name.

Bad Golf Magazine : Always remember, as a bad golfer, there are many more of us than "them"! The online magazine for the golfer whose handicap is golf!

British Columbia's Sport Fishing Page : British Columbia fishing lodges, fishing charters, bookings and information online, marine and local British Columbia weather, fishing reports for both freshwater and coastal waters, up-to-date fishing regulations, our Television Fishing Show, seafood recipes and lots more fishing information for British Columbia

Broomball Equipment : Future Sports broomball equipment... International broomball headquarters.

BTA: The Cyclist's CyberSource For All True Knowledge : Welcome to bicycle utopia...cruise along a site where cars are relegated to curbside and where all bike trails are open...welcome to the world of the Bicycle Transit Authority.

Cliqgolf : Golf advice from pros, an online tee time reservation area and links to a variety of golfing sites on the Internet.

CNN and Sports Illustrated : CNN and Sports Illustrated team up to bring you sports coverage to rival ESPN SportsZone, The Sporting News Online and CBS Sportsline. CNNSI includes college teams, women's sports, and motor sports. Or look back in sports history or participate in a fantasy football league.

Cybergolf : Cybergolf contains golf statistics, information on golf courses and properties, a "Pro Shop," golf tour events and updates. The "Rain Delay" section is a light-hearted section poking fun at the sport.

Del Mar Racing Site : Del Mar Horse racing. Find out the latest things going on at the races.

e x p l o r e : Adventure Sports : Extreme sports on-line... Take a ride on the wild side.

ESPN SportsZone Golf : ESPNET SportsZone delivers daily news updates about what is happening in the world of golf. Rankings, schedules and a PGA player directory are highlights.

Extreme Sports World : Information on what you need and how to get out there to participate in some of those eXtreme sports!!

FRANCE 98 - World Cup : World Cup official web site.

Game Shows at Sony Station : Great game shows that are just like the ones you remember when you were a kid.

Get Lost Adventure Sports & Recreation : Outdoors, adventure, sports, recreation, travel, exploring, mountaineering, and a variety of links to other fun "getting lost" activities is what you will find here.

golf.com : Recent news about the latest things happening in the world of golf.

GolfWeb : Everything about Golf and More!

Grand Rapids Rampage : Arena football... Information on the game, the team, and the players.

Iditarod.com : Page about dogsleds, dogsledders, and dogsledding.

In The Crease : A biweekly e-zine of ice hockey news. It has national and international hockey league statistics, commentaries and player information. A "Staff Lounge" bulletin board gets users involved and there's also employment information.

International Soccer Net : Everything about soccer that you can possibly imagine. Take a peek!

Internet Waterway : The internet's premiere boating, fishing, and water sports resource.

Jeff Gordon's Web Page : Jeff Gordon's web page. Listen to nascar races online, and more!

Motocross Online : Welcome to Motocross Online! Your source for the best motocross coverage on the net. All your needs pertaining to motocross are met right here.

National Hockey League : Everything that you want to know about hockey! We've got stats, schedules, scores, live games, and much more!

OSports.com : OSports.com is one of the largest sports memorabilia, outdoor gear and artwork companies in the United States.

Professional Bull Rider : This site is all about bull riders and bull riding.

R/C Planet On-Line : The hottest radio controlled site on the Internet!

SCUBADUBA : The ultimate scuba diving site on the World Wide Web!

Sporting Life : The latest sporting news on all sorts of sporting subjects.

SportsWeb : Information on whats new in the sportsworld. Results of games, schedule of events, and more.

Tennis Server : Tennis news, club and organization listings, a photo archive, tennis rules and codes of conduct, free subscription to an e-mail newsletter and feature articles.

That's Racin' : Site that tells you all the racing schedules. Has featured articles about races that have occured and about the drivers who won them. Chat, forum, and more information.

The Genuine U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish Official Resource Center : Step into our kitchen for the best catfish recipes around, enter our on-line recipe contest, and get the facts about genuine U.S. farm-raised catfish.

The Great Atlantic Lacrosse Company : Largest page of Lacrosse information and accessories that you will probably be able to find on the Internet.

The Masters Golf Tournament : Includes player features and stats, a tour of the Augusta golf course, an archive of past results and live updates from the tournament.

The Racing Zone : Latest and Greatest news on the latest and greatest racings in NASCAR!

Underwater Sports World : The Underwater Sports World is for anyone interested or involved in Underwater activities.

Vollyball.com : Anything and everything that you would like to know about volleyball.

Welcome to AACCA Online : Site that is for cheerleading coaches, or cheerleaders, or someone who likes cheerleading.

Welcome to HockeyNet! : WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL HOME OF USA HOCKEY'S JUNIOR COUNCIL! - Total Hockey on the 'Net.

Welcome to Hockeytown : Home Page of the 1997 Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings! 

Welcome to Total Baseball : Total Baseball Online is the online home of the Official Encyclopedia of Major League Baseball.

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7-Eleven Home Page : Appropriate for this weeks date, 7-Eleven On-Line!

All Hotels on the Web : This site features a searchable database of more than 10,000 Web pages from hotels around the world. Use a clickable map to locate accomodations by state and view rate information online.

American Express : Do more with American Express!

Amway : Amway Corporation home page.

Aviation Week Online : Aviation industry feature articles, including updated news events and directories that review aircraft products and services. Also contains links to sites on jobs and conferences related to aviation.

Best Western : Best Western International, Inc. is the worlds largest hotel brand with more than 3,700 independently owned and operated hotels throughout Australia, Asia & South Africa, Canada, Caribbean, Europe & Israel, Mexico, Central and South America, United States. With over 50 years of experience, Best Western offers you a solid commitment of quality, service and value.

Biztravel : The Internet Company for Frequent Business Travelers.

California Highway Conditions : For all of you who plan on going around California anytime soon.

Corbis Trip : Virtual tour of the world.... Take a look at where you are going before you actually get there!

Getaways Online - America's Guide to Great Escapes : Ready to getaway? Searching for that perfect bed and breakfast, country inn, or luxury city hotel? You've come to the right place! From coast to coast, we've got North America's best vacation possibilities!

GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages : This site deals with parks and hiking trails in the US.

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages : Provides adventure travel information on city and country destinations, package deals, outdoor gear and guidebooks. It also includes a photo gallery, a message board and articles on topics such as Mount Everest and wolves.

High Speed Ground Transportation Association : The High Speed Ground Transportation Association was organized in 1983 to advocate the integration of high-speed ground transportation service in North America and world-wide as a neccessary addition to existing transportation networks.

Holiday Inn Worldwide : Holiday Inn ONLINE... Get rooms cancel reservations... Plan vacations... Make your dream vacation happen....

Homebuyer's Fair : Our mission is to provide interactive tools and useful information so that you can stay organized, make the right decisions, and keep more of your own money when buying a home, selling a home, or relocating.

Leonard's Live Web Cams, Cameras, and Camcorders : Welcome to Leonard's Family Oriented, Travel, Entertainment and Educational Site Featuring 2500+ Outdoor Cameras, Travel Information and Access To Some of The Best Travel and Shopping Sites On The Internet.

Mapquest : "Find driving directions for the U.S. or find any place using our worldwide maps. Get directions/mileage on anywhere you want to go!"

MasterCard International : Imagine a world full of new places where you don't need cash -- like taxis, the post office, the corner store. And new, convenient, more secure ways to pay. Like smart cards that actually store electronic cash and information inside them. And when you do need cash, you have instant access to it absolutely anywhere. That's the future of money. And it's MasterCard ® today.

National Park Service : Internet Gateway to the National Park Service! Need information about a National Park? Here is the place for you to go.

Old Ireland : A place to wander through and view times gone by.

Passport Services : United States Passport Services. Information on how to get passports, renew passports and other passport stuff.

Prairie Dog Digest : Prairie Dog Digest contains the information you need to get on the road to a great trip. This issue includes maps and layouts to many prairie dog towns in Phillips County, Montana and Ft Belknap Indian Reservation.

QTVR World : Welcome to QTVR World. You can travel the world right from your computer, with a new revolutionary panoramic photography, called Quick Time Virtual Reality (QTVR) by Apple™ Computer. Immerse yourself in 360 degree imagery. We’re mapping the world with these new photo’s.

Ramada Inn : Check out the Ramada Inn.... Use their search engine to find places to stay where ever you go!

Sidewalk City Guides : Find the best entertainment your city has to offer for your tastes and interests.

Super 8 Motels : Here at Super 8, what you see is what you get. No "bait and switch" here. We won't try to lure you with frivolous items you haven't asked for in your rooms. And we won't disappoint you with empty promises.

Switchboard : "Welcome to Switchboard, the people and business directory... Looking for a long lost friend, find anyone who has a listed phone # with Switchboard!"

The Universal Currency Converter : Convert any currency you want to find how much you really have!

Time Zone Changer : World Clock with International Time Zone Information.

Tourist.com : A Guide to the World's Hotels, Restaurants, Dining Events, & Music Clubs

TRAVEL @ THE SPEED OF LIGHT : T@SOL publishes stories written by travellers from Alberta to Zaire. Well, occasionally our writers have their T@SOL story plucked off the Web by the print media, for publication. Hey, it's cheaper than sending their own writers to these weird places!

Travel Michigan : Info about traveling to and around Michigan.

Travelodge Hotels : At Travelodge, our goal is to provide you with more value for your lodging dollar than any other hotel chain in our price range. From our terrific rates on comfy rooms. To our free special services. The great benefits of our Guest Rewards Program. The added-value of our seasonal promotions. And, of course, our lovable Sleepy Bear.

U.S. Department of Transportation : Transportation information: Travel stats, safety issues, and other transportation information.

US Airways : Thank you for visiting the US Airways Web site. The information contained in this site is provided for your use and convienience.

Visa International : Visa: the World's Best Way to Pay

Webflyer : Offers information and advice about frequent-flyer programs, including how to earn the most miles and the best deals on using them. Features a forum for frequent travelers.

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TV - News
A&E : Home page of the arts and entertainment network.

ABC Television Network : Check out the latest shows and news.

Bloomberg Television : Watch live Bloomberg television from around the world.

breWorld News : Interesting news site telling you about industry news, company news, beer news, and world news.

CANOE - Canadian Online : What is going on in Canada? The Latest Canadian news; Canadian Online.

CBS : Come see what's happening on CBS!

Clinton Links (Scandal) : This page contains numerous links to sites about the Clinton Scandal(s).

CNBC Home Page : The latest breaking business news.

Court TV : Access live, online legal proceedings from the Web home of this cable network.

DISCOVERY CHANNEL : Exploring can be a blast, but sometimes you just want to get where you're going as quickly as possible. Consider it accomplished. DISCOVERY.

E! Online : Home page of this cable channel offers previews of movies, music and television. Also find entertainment news, interviews and showbiz gossip.

ESPN.com : Sports TV. It's ESPN...

Garfield : The crazy cartoon cat "Garfield's" very own website.

HBO : HBO Television..... What a show! Find out what's on HBO and find out whats new.

Intellicast : Intellicast lets you find out what the weather is going to be like anywhere in the country. View radar pictures, NEXRAD, satellite, live broadcasts (Real Audio), and much more!

Jeopardy : Play Jeopardy, watch Jeopardy, or learn about Jeopardy on-line!

Married...with Children Fan Club : Official Married...with Children Fan Club on the Internet. Links, Pictures, sounds, and other archives about the show.

MTV : MTV - Music Television ON-LINE!

NBC : Must See TV Meets The Web!

NewsLinx Web News : This site contains links to popular head lines in the news. Great follow up for any stories heard on tv......

NPR Online : In-depth news, special coverage and information about NPR member radio stations. Content varies widely, depending on the latest news.

PBS : PBS Online. See what PBS Has for You on the internet.

Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion : Sci-Fi Wire - A News Service of the Sci-Fi Channel.

Seinfeld : The official Jerry Seinfeld page.

Stock Smart : Stocks, Mutual Funds, News, Protfolios, Financial...

The Chicago Tribune : In the weeks and months to come, we'll be adding services and content to our Web sites, including interactive real estate and automotive sites, an enhanced employment area, and an increasing amount of breaking news, updated several times a day. You'll see advertising from leading national and local companies and have the opportunity to reach them through us. And we'll be adapting our offerings based on changes in technology, changes in your demands for information, and changes in the way we gather the news.

The Washington Post : The online version of the Washington Post. Contains the latest news along with the newspaper Online!

Troma Entertainment : Movie database and information. Find information on your favorite movie.

TV Guide Online : Check out your favorite TV Shows ONLINE! It is free!

Twentieth Century Fox : Check out Fox TV and all the newest Twentieth Century Fox movies.

Ultimate TV : Ultimate TV is your source for Everything Television! Previews... Premieres.... Listings... Etc....

VH1 : VH1

Virtual Voyager : Welcome to the Virtual Voyager project. Our goal is simple -- to entertain, inform and push the World Wide Web and multimedia technology envelope.

Washington Post : The Historical Weather database that extends back quite a few years.

Welcome to Telescan Inc. : Welcome to Telescan's Wall Street City(TM), the Investment Supersite on the Web. We offer the most comprehensive investment information and tools for complete securities analysis all on one site.

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Cheyenne Software (Bitcom)

Citizen America

Colorado Memory Systems


Compton's New Media

Conner Peripherals

Corel Corporation

Creative Labs

Creative Multimedia


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Diamond Computer Systems

Disney Computer Software

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Electronic Arts

Epson America

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FTP Software

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Grolier Electronic Publishing

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Hayes Microcomputer Products


Hewlett-Packard Mass Storage Division

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Jasmine Software

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Kingston Technology


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Labtech Enterprises

Lexmark International


Lotus Development

Lucasarts Entertainment Co.

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Mitsubishi Electronics

Mouse Systems

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NEC Technologies

Norton Software


Number Nine Computer

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Ontrack Computer Systems

Orchid Technologies

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Panasonic Communications & Systems Co.

Practical Peripherals

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Reality Bytes

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Sierra On Line




Symantec & Central Point

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TEAC America



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U.S. Robotics

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Virgin Interactive Entertainment

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Western Digital


Wyse Technology

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Zenith Data Systems

Zoom Telephonics

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