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Do It Yourself Section A

GoDaddy.com Hosting & Servers

Easy CGI Web Hosting

Constant Contact --> Your Email Marketing Manager




Web Page Design and Hosting


Web Design, Site Hosting, Domain Name(s), E-Mail, CGI, Banner Advertising, SSL, Search Engines, HTML, Graphics, Counters, Stats, FTP, Updates, etc.
No worries.  Let us do it all for you.  Years of experience, and you don't pay for it if you don't like it.  The design work is started with nothing down, and until a template is approved the site isn't going to go forward.  So bring in your ideas and let's get started.

Listed below are some links that might prove useful if you want to try it yourself.
However, considering what there is to know and how much work it could entail, you might be a lot better off working with someone with experience.  Either way, feel free to visit these links in sections A, B and C.    

Already have a site?
We can transfer it to our server and do the upkeep for you.

Don't know where to start?
Call and make an appointment with Greg Nielsen.  The consult is free.  Find out what exactly is needed and how quick you can have your web presence online.  You might be pleasantly surprised at the cost, especially if you've ever placed a large ad in a newspaper or signed a radio advertising contract.  Compared to those, a web page is very cheap... and it's there 24/7 for a year at a time.

How much does it really cost?
The amount will vary.  There is a price for the domain name, or names if you want more then one, or if you don't want any and will be happy will one of our existing domain names as part of yours, like www.oceanacounty.net/mybusiness for example.  Then there is the design fee, and that is based on size (number of pages and amount of space required), difficulty, graphics needed, and any bells-n-whistles desired.  After that, there is the annual hosting fee... this is space on the internet you rent to keep your website online and accessible to everyone in the world (even if it's meant just for your part of the world).  A one page site (what would fit on a couple sheets of paper in length and width) with a half dozen pictures and a domain name would cost approximately $280 for the first year ($20 for the domain name-renewable annually-cheaper if you pay for more years then 1 at a time; $100 to design the site and have it submitted to search engines-this is a one time fee if changes aren't needed; then $160 per year hosting rent which also includes email if wanted and any extremely minor changes during the year).  There are even cheaper options (smaller sites) and more expensive options, but in my opinion very affordable compared to other advertising avenues.

Please feel free to scroll down and check out our portfolio of websites

Do It Yourself Section B




Sites I created & currently host:

Click Banner to Visit Lakeside Design & Construction
Lakeside Design & Construction
Click Banner to Visit The National Asparagus Festival
The National Asparagus Festival
Click Banner to Visit Nielsen Tax Prep LLC
Nielsen Tax Prep LLC
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NetRat's Detroit Lions Page
Click Banner to Visit Oceana County Classifieds
Oceana County Classifieds
Click Banner to Visit OBC
Click Banner to Visit Oceana County
Oceana County
Click Banner to Visit The Shelby Area Chamber of Commerce
The Shelby Area Chamber of Commerce
Click Banner to Visit Shelby Solar and Wind
Shelby Solar and Wind
Click Banner to Visit West Michigan Insurance
West Michigan Insurance

Sites created elsewhere that I edit & host:

Click Banner to Visit Shelby Paraflite
Shelby Paraflite
Click Banner to Visit Slocum Brothers Tree Farm
Slocum Brothers Tree Farm

Sites that I host only:

Click Banner to Visit Adventure Seekers Travel
Adventure Seekers Travel

Do It Yourself Section C

Free trial

DreamTemplate - Web Templates

Link Direct to Dedicated Server Page... Host Gator


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